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In conjunction with the soil lab we operate Precision Water Lab, LLC.  it runs water sample analysis for area municiples to insure clean safe water for residence.

Research & Development
Seed Science
We are always aware of new and forward thinking technologies. Our relationship with industry leaders and in some cases directly involved with projects gives us an opportunity to filter though what actually makes sense for our customers.

Seed placement is critical and placement of varieties in correct soil types has proven beneficial. We are working closely with leading seed companies on this placement technology.

Robotics/ ICP Machine

The ICP Machine (Inductivity Coupled Plasma) has the technology to test and determine the 17 essential nutrients that are in the soils. This is our guide to determine nutrient levels the soil and base saturations for what is available to the plant the current growing season. This allows us to evaluate optimum nutrient levels to make recommendations and amendments toward soil health.

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