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Welcome Landlords

            The Landlord Landscape

If you are reading this Element Ag, Inc website and landlord page, it is likely you were sent here by the tenant you are working with to farm the acres you own. Either by crop sharing or cash rent. We welcome you!

First and far most with emphasis added, the grower farming your acres values your relationship! Enough so, he wants to include you to create a better vision of his goals and plans. His business needs your support and understanding to meet those goals

The objective of this page is to bring attention to the disconnect that can present itself when it comes to communication among land tenant and landlords.


Today, new farming practices, techniques, technology, 

scientific efforts, ongoing research, and development

continue to emerge. We intend to improve communication to new scientifically proven practices that are ever changing and we want to keep the landlord abreast of these changes.


Agriculture and its landscape continues to evolve. This evolution of change and passing of time creates some challenges:

1) Different belief systems when it comes to managing your land.  

2) Absentee vs. Active landlords and how this affects farming practices and expectations. Ex: P and K, more is better. When in reality that is flawed.

3) How to continually inform and educate landlords on opportunity's to be efficient and good steward's of the soil.

4) Informing the landlord on how science and nutrient managment research has successfully "challenged" old fertility practices.

5) Understanding the cost and loss in efficiency by not communicating on these very issues. If the relationship does not discuss these opportunities to implement the correct techniques, it creates stress and financial losses. Which means no winners!

Admittedly, many times we find the farmer tenant chooses to avoid discussing these changes for three reasons; 


1) It's easier to not rock the boat with their landlord in fear of resistance and lose farming that ground.


2) Uncertain how to explain the detailed facts because the science is complex. However, the tenant feels the leadership they can receive from a company such as ours is strategic and will contribute to their future success.


3) Third party communication is watered down. This by todays standards can be consequential  

Joyful meeting of friends near the summe

Our Pledge to you

We Will Treat The Soil As A Living System

We believe ag production systems are an intricate balance of nature's living systems, woven together to influence yield and profitability.

Our Pledge to you

Promote Soil Health

We know there are 17 measurable properties to soil and currently the industry as a whole only focuses on the BIG 3 N, P, K.  The relationship and ratios of these properties must ALL be considered. For Example CA/Mg which we refer to as the "Blood Pressure" of the soil. This must be managed.

Our Pledge to you

Make Our Decisions Based On Science

The industry currently relies on old beliefs and practices that have not changed in 50 years. Science has change and the industry is now beginning to embrace new technologies.

Our Pledge to you

Leave Your Soil In A More Productive Place Than We Found It.

Our ultimate goal for our clients is to be good stewards of the soil, promote soil health, and leave the soil in a better place than we found it.  

It Starts WithThe Soil

Recommendations and Field Scouting

Nutrient Managment With Foliars

Quality and Performance

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