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About Element Ag Inc.

Systems and Crop Production Techniques

It Starts WithThe Soil

Recommendations and Field Scouting

Nutrient Management With Foliars

Quality and Performance

Our Model
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Soil Reports

Our model provides unique leadership. We because of our understanding of soils and plant philology we feel compelled to inform our grower customers of what is possible regarding soil health and plant nutrition efficiencies. Science based technologies are the foundation.


Our company is more than a successful laboratory. We at Element Ag, Inc. take soil understanding and analysis to a new level. We do not leave this to self-interpretation. We share report insight and provide leadership beyond industry standards as part of our job.

The Goal

Understanding soil fertility and soil health are vital, and our focus is on SOLUTIONS! Production success goes far beyond historical NPK levels as we challenge traditional fertility beliefs. Our understanding of science allows us to bring value and performance supported by basic science with today's most advanced nutrient technologies.

The goal is UNIFORMITY, when each plant gets equal opportunity for nutrients it signals for it to continue to grow.  Because of stresses, weather, pest, lack of nutrition or no soil mineralization the plant will slow. Timimg and placement of nutrients is basic science that informs and helps it decide "should I slow or should I grow "  Our approach encourages growth and performance. 

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