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The Maximum Farmimg System  powered  by Ag Spectrum Company

We believe ag production systems are an intricate balance of nature's living systems, woven together to influence yield and profitability. That's, why we study the science of farming in order to develop and deliver the most successful production system in agriculture today, the Maximum Farming System.
Maximizing Energy

A complex interaction of chemical, physical and biological processes is the foundation for all crop production. Energy is exchanged as a result of these processes and therefore it plays a unique role - it drives the system.

Maximum Farming System helps you manage your energy sources to bring these processes into balance and enable your plants to focus on creating energy rather than fighting stresses.

Equipment Set Up

Maximum Farming System is a complete program that includes equipment specifications designed to ensure success.

With the system, fall and spring tillage becomes optional, saving on fuel, labor and equipment cost.

By utilizing special planter attachments, the Maximum Farming System allows for earlier planting in wetter conditions, with greater efficiency. Uniform seed depth, seed placement, and crop spacing. It maximizes nutrient availability, soil warmth, soil tilth, and germination. 

Air and Water Management

The most critical predictor of an abundant harvest is a healthy root system. Nothing contributes as significantly to the plant's resilience as deep roots, especially during times of moisture extremes or other stress. Deep, abundant roots, though, will not develop in compacted soils with improper balances of calcium and magnesium.

We identify management zones and prefer to sample by soil type within these zones. The data is processed through custom software, and we make appropriate zone - specific recommendations for soil amendments such as lime or gypsum, tiling, and for appropriate tillage if needed.

Optimum Nutrition

Enhancing plant health and vigor is accomplished through proper timing and placement of nutrients. Once appropriate soil structure is established, the next priority is to awaken microbial life within the soil through application of Grozyme. Research at The Ohio State University has shown that Grozyme increases soil activity and facilitates the release of N, P, K and micronutrients. Grozyme enhances root system, leading to greater absorption of nutrients.


A fertile soil environment encourages uptake of nutrients, particularly if nutrients are available at planting time. Specially formulates CleanStart maximizes kernel numbers and is applied on seed, while Nitrogen is banded next to the row at planting.

It Starts WithThe Soil

Recommendations and Field Scouting

Nutrient Managment With Foliars

Quality and Performance

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