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We Understand Soil Science and Plant Physiology

It Starts With The Soil

We Understand Soil Science

and Plant Physiology


"Leading growers into the future by bringing scientific information, leadership and solutions that add value and efficiencies to their operation"

Crop Nutrition
Soil Analyisis and Reports
About Us

Element Ag Inc. was founded in the fall of 2012. In general, those involved in the company do not come from an agricultural background. After having more questions than answers on how crop nutrition truly worked, the lab was brought to reality. With the lab as the platform, a true understanding of soil health and cropping systems could be implemented.

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Latest News 
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Fall 2019


At Element Ag Inc., we strive to help growers make the correct science-driven decisions for their operation. Scouting and hands-on visuals are critical to success.

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Timimg and Placement

Spring 2019


Maximum Farming System is by far the most advanced in understanding plant needs with timing of nutrients. In conjunction with comprehension of soil health it creates a synergy for performance and efficiencies. 

After taking several years to gain a vast understanding soil health and true fertility it is vital to pass that information along to agriculture in our area. Teaching growers that agriculture production can go far beyond the historical NPK belief system. Our knowledge of cropping systems allows us to bring value and performance to growers in today's market place. 

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